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Healthcare and Wi-Fi: Are you ready?

With the proliferation of Wi-Fi applications, healthcare providers are faced with investing heavily in their Wi-Fi infrastructure.

According to a recent ABI study, "Wireless Technologies in Professional Healthcare" applications that involve RTLS, VoWi-Fi, cellular/Wi-Fi handsets, Wi-Fi-embedded healthcare devices, clinician handhelds, consumer devices such as smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled tablets are all contributing to the adoption of Wi-Fi. Although the healthcare industry "historically has been the earliest of early adopters of new Wi-Fi technology," wireless demand is now outstripping capacity - and wireless demand will continue to grow.

Are You Ready?

Stay ahead of the curve. Are you ready for a Wi-Fi solution that is more reliable, higher performing with more consistent throughput at longer ranges than any other solution in the market today? That would be Ruckus Wireless. Are you ready to work with a reliable IT consultant, a Ruckus Gold Partner, who will ensure that your organization’s Wi-Fi network runs smoothly and securely? That would be us. In a world where wireless demand is outpacing capacity, who can deal with it? Watch the video.

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