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The Cost of iPads on the Enterprise WLAN

"Handheld devices such as iPads are clearly ushering in a new
era of mobile computing;" how much does the existing wireless
infrastructure need to change? [More]

Hotels Combat the Onslaught of Wireless-Only Devices

Ruckus Wireless is an easy choice for us with their commitment to state-of-the-art Smart WiFi. We work closely with them to bring the worlds best hotel WiFi solutions to our hospitality clients throughout New England. Today's hotel customers are checking in with more than their laptops... Do you need to bring your hotel WiFi up-to-date with today's onslaught of mobile devices and tablet computers? [More]

Baruch College Makes Big Wi-Fi Move Showcasing How Better Wireless Can Advance the State of Higher Education

Today's students live in a highly mobile, electronic and online world and no longer consider wireless access an option. [More]

"Taking Wireless Where It's Never Gone Before"

Give serious consideration to this patented, universe-leading Wi-Fi technology. [More]

Ruckus Wireless Delivers First End-to-End 802.11n Wi-Fi System for Carriers Looking to Capitalize on the Explosive Growth of the Mobile Internet

More great news from our friends at Ruckus Wireless! [More]

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